21 Days in Mexico City

Nonfiction ∙20min | 2015

LR is a new magazine from Auckland publisher DDMMYY dedicated to “stories we tell ourselves” – visual and textual content that operates on a personal scale. The premise and name of the magazine is derived from a found suitcase engraved with the initials “L.R.” containing photographs, writings and personal belongings

– trace artefacts infused with personal narratives and the patina of lived experience. Like Marcel Duchamp’s La Boîte-en-Valise (Box in a Suitcase), LR uses the traveller’s suitcase as a metaphor and working structure for the publishing of photo essays, short fiction, prose/poetry, travel journals, diary confessionals and vernacular collections.

Winner of the 2015 Award for Best Editorial and Books, Designers Institute of New Zealand. Creative Director Kelvin Soh.

💡 This project relates to (link: projects/women-of-the-future text: Women of the Future. [2013]) This piece was originally published by DDMMYY in L.R. Magazine Issue 1 “Stories We Tell Ourselves”, March 2015. To purchase a copy of the magazine, visit: https://shop.leroy.xxx/products/stories-we-tell-ourselves-lr01. The magazine is also distributed at **McNally Jackson Bookstore** and **Perimeter Distribution.**

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