Happy Family Night Market

Community project ∙ ongoing | 2018

Happy Family began as a one-night-only experimental "night market" and has since grown into an annual festival and grassroots community organization that celebrates the Asian diaspora through food, art, and education. Past programs have included thoughtfully curated food, film, and music festivals, site-specific and participatory artworks, craft and culinary workshops, panel discussions, drag shows, performance art, and improv comedy. Since 2018, we've drawn

over 3500 attendees, and supported over 200 artists, 80 speakers and educators, and 30 chefs and restaurants. Since the pandemic shutdown, we have shifted our programing online and launched a monthly mixtape series called Happy Family Radio, and a digital cookbook called Oral Traditions. As Happy Family's Co-Founder and Director, I am currently exploring transitioning the project from a fiscally-sponsored LLC to a cooperative enterprise, collectively owned and managed by the community.

To learn more and subscribe to our newsletter, visit happyfamilymkt.com. Happy Family is a sponsored project of NYFA, a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. Contributions on behalf of Happy Family must be made payable to New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). To donate online, visit our project listing on NYFA's website.

## Select Press
The Asian-American mega-event you gotta go to
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