Happy Family Radio

Mixtape series ∙ ongoing | 2020

Happy Family Radio is an ongoing monthly mix series highlighting music of the diaspora, from the traditional to the experimental, for dance parties or meditative moments, spanning anything from Malaysian Doom Metal to early 2000’s K-Pop. We launched the project August 2020 as part of our shift toward digital programming and online community engagement due to the pandemic shutdown.

This diverse and wide-ranging series includes mixes exploring Vietnamese New Wave, 50's-era Hawaiian songs, 70s-era Original Pilipino Music (OPM), and spiritual music such as Hindustani classical and gospel music. For each mix, we commission an original artwork from a visual artist to serve as the mixtape's "cover art." Forthcoming mixes include music from Asian film soundtracks, Punjabi bangers, and Southeast Asian psychedelic funk.

(image: sacha-raps-jasper-lotti.png width: 1080px caption: Cover art for Ep. 5: Spiritual Music, curated by Jasper Lotti. Artwork by Sacha Carlos-Raps.) (image: mix-003-final-1600.jpg width: 1080px caption: Cover art for Ep. 4: The Archipelagical Mixtape, curated by Gentlefist. Artwork by Kimberly Young Sun.) (image: mix-03-les-talusan-sacha-raps.png width: 1080px caption: Cover art for Ep. 3: The Manila Sound, curated by Les The DJ. Artwork by Sacha Carlos-Raps.) (image: mix-002-square-final-v2.jpg width: 1080px caption: Cover art for Ep. 2: Hawaiian Nostalgia, curated by Veronica Murashige. Artwork by Kimberly Young Sun.) (image: 2020.07-matthew-vu-x-happy-family-mixtape-1600x1600-02.jpg width: 1080px caption: Cover art for Ep. 1: Vietnamese New Wave curated by Matthew Vu. Artwork by Kimberly Young Sun.) 💡 This project relates to (link: projects/on-growing-through-chaos text: On Growing Through Chaos. [2020]) 💡 This project relates to (link: projects/happy-family-night-market text: Happy Family Night Market [2018]) Listen at (link: https://www.happyfamilymkt.com/radio text: happyfamilymkt.com/radio popup: yes), follow us on (link: https://www.mixcloud.com/happyfamilymkt/ text: Mixcloud popup: yes). We release a new mix on the first Monday of every month.

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