Oral Traditions

Digital cookbook ∙ ongoing | 2020

Oral Traditions began as a social recipe sharing project, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has since evolved into an online community cookbook that explores the Asian diaspora past, present, and future through food. We celebrate our many flavors and stories through the art of cooking⏤especially lesser-known dishes, techniques, and ingredients.

We cover Asian foodways: the intersection of Asian and Pacific Islander food with culture, traditions, and history. Home cooks, artists, writers, and chefs are invited contribute. We publish a new recipe and video every other Friday. The video can be a cooking demonstration, an exploration of a recipe’s history, or a Q&A to address troubleshooting and sourcing specialty ingredients.

Founder & Publisher Angeline Gragasin
Website Ji and David Kim
Editor-in-Chief Jenn de la Vega
Associate Editor Annette Shantur
Art Director Nick Sung

If you make any of our recipes at home, please tag us @happyfamilymkt on social media. We’d love to see how you enjoyed the dishes and riffed on them to make them your own. You can also join our Recipe Testing Club to help us test and document new recipes as they come in! Learn more at the project website

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