Narrative short ∙ 5min ∙ Video | 2017

An awkward computer programmer (Ikechukwu Ufomadu) learns to dance to impress his next-door neighbor (Rachel Wyman). Named after a dance from the Afro-Haitian Vodou tradition, Yanvalou is pure visual storytelling through image and action. Featuring playful and sensual choreography by

master Haitian dancer Julio Jean and music by Evans Seney, Fritz Vivien, and Jean-Mary Brignol, Yanvalou was inspired by a personal struggle to connect with human beings—and my own body—within the conflicting cultures of the dance studio and digital startup environments.

Commissioned for The Bureau of Creative Works with support from NEW INC, Gibney, and the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. Production still photos by An Rong Xu.

Select Screenings and Awards

2018 ZINEBI x B.A.D. Bilbao Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Dance, Bilbao, SPAIN
2018 Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival, Washington DC, USA
2018 Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, Middlebury, Vermont, USA
2018 The Magic Hour No. 1, Kinfolk 94, New York, USA
2018 Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival, Vancouver International Film Centre, CANADA *
2018 Courts de danse, La Jetée, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
2017 Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

* Audience Choice Award

Featuring Ike Ufomadu, Rachel Wyman, and Julio Jean
Written, Directed, Produced by Angeline Gragasin
Executive Produced by The Bureau of Creative Works
Cinematography by Tine DiLucia
Edited by Sebastian Diaz-Aguirre
Production Design by Ryan O'Toole
Costume Design by Angela Harner
Color by John Kersten
Poster Design by Alma Charry
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💡 This project relates to Never Gonna Work. [2015]

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