Women of The Future

Documentary film ∙ 20min | 2013

In 2012, I began documenting 3 different women in 3 different time zones: Eva, a NYC-based architect; Niki, an interpreter working in Mexico City’s food industry; and Natalie, a hide tanner who lives and works in an experimental village in the California desert. While these 3 women lead seemingly disparate lives, their interwoven voices offer a complex, multidimensional perspective into the

collective imagination of a new generation of North American women. Their personal stories and shared questions inspire us to rethink our relationship to waste and thereby reframe our reality. The project began as a documentary web series but is currently being adapted and expanded to a longform narrative format.

An ongoing documentary project in collaboration with Meredith Zielke. Featured in Fast Company and ReportHers. Screenings: Prelinger Library, MISS Salon: Emerging Formats 2010 - 2015. With support from The One Day on Earth Foundation and Vimeo OTT (formerly VHX) and UnionDocs Summer Documentary Lab 2018.

💡 This project relates to 21 Days in Mexico City. [2015]

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